We are in Iceland!

We have been invited to speak at the 2017 AECO/IAATO Polar Field Staff Conference in Iceland and engage the polar guide community in the wonders of phytoplankton research with FjordPhyto by the Vernet Lab.

AECO – Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators

International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators – IAATO

Allison presented the project concept, the importance of gathering data for science, and the power of engaging the tourism industry in the legacy of Antarctic research.

It was so great to meet the amazing people working in this industry and to finally meet face-to-face with some of the key players that we had been emailing all year (Brandon Harvey, Bob Gilmore, Susan Adie, Annette Bombosch, Ted Cheeseman, and more).

Allison was able to provide enthusiastic polar expedition staff with hands-on training of the scientific sampling methods needed to engage passengers in phytoplankton collect and gathering quality data from the fjords along the Antarctic Peninsula.

And of course, the polar guide conference included a planned hike to a hot spring river in Iceland!

The entire AECO IAATO Polar Field Staff Conference gang