The FjordPhyto project is a very hands-on, engaging activity that takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 60 minutes to conduct in the field. We provide specific GPS coordinates “stations” that typically align with itinerary landings or zodiac cruising sites along the peninsula. This activity can be done from a “science dedicated” zodiac on the way to or from a landing site, or during a zodiac cruise.  Time allotted depends on how much background educational talking points the staff member wishes to discuss during sampling. Because there are a some involved steps and protocols to follow, we ask that each staff member who plans to lead the project in the field contact FjordPhyto Lead Allison Cusick to set up training.  This project is most successful when staff can be trained directly by Allison Cusick prior to the season (in person is best but other considerations can be discussed).

To receive full training and materials, please contact us or the team at the Polar Collective! We can’t wait to hear from you to discuss a collaboration!


Sample Training Videos below (these will be updated for 2021-2022 season).